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When considering men and women of God found in the Bible we find that each character displayed certain qualities which set them apart from others who were not Godís servants. Abel, Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Jacob and Moses, to name a few, had developed Godly personalities and spiritual qualities during their lifetime. For example, these individuals devoted their lives to serving the true God and endeavored to apply Godís principles daily. In so doing they each reaped spiritual blessings and led successful lives. Abraham and Sarah expressed their strong faith in Jehovah by their works.

Abel had a heart of righteousness and his offerings (sacrifices) to Jehovah were made with a pure motive. On the other hand, Cain had nurtured jealousy
and became filled with unrighteousness in his heart which led him to kill his brother, Abel, because Abel's works and sacrifices were righteous.

In the case of Noah, he displayed complete obedience to Jehovah. At that time it had never rained on earth before. Yet, when Jehovah instructed Noah to build an ark due to an impending flood which was to be brought
about by God's own hand, Noah had faith in God to the extent that he built
the ark. By doing just so as the Bible scripture indicates Noah saved his life and the lives of his family.

Abraham is another outstanding example of faith. Jehovah called Abraham
His friend. When Jehovah tested Abraham's faith and loyalty to God by requesting that he sacrifice his own son Isaac, Abraham was prepared to
carry out Jehovah's request. Only Jehovah, via his angel, stopped Abraham from carrying this out. This indicated what was in Abraham's
heart - that he loved Jehovah so much that he did not hold back his own son; thereby prefiguring Jehovah's ultimate act of love when he sacrificed His own son, Jesus, in order to save many.

What of Sarah, how did she show complete faith in Jehovah? Sarah had grown old and had been unable to bear children. However, after an angel had
foretold that Sarah will conceive a son and that the promised seed would come from Abraham, Sarah (previously called Sarai), demonstrated complete faith and confidence in this promise. Indeed, she became pregnant with Isaac, and God named her Sarah - meaning princess of many nations. In her old age, when Sarah had ceased menstruating, she miraculously conceived a child by Jehovah's will. This materialised due to Sarah's complete faith in Jehovah's promise and thereby proved that she believed all things are possible with God.

Many years later, Sarah's grandson, Jacob displayed deep appreciation
for spiritual matters. Indeed, there were several occasions when Jacob
wrestled, even with an angel, in order to gain blessings from God. On one
occasion Jacob negotiated with his brother Esau to give away his spiritual
inheritance for a bowl of stew. Consequently, Esau gave his
spiritual inheritance to Jacob; much to Esauís own disappointment many
years later. In the book of Hebrews Jehovah is quoted as saying:
"Jacob I loved but Esau I hated, for in exchange of a bowl of stew he
gave away his spiritual birthright". Jacob later became father of the
nation of Israel, God's chosen people.

Finally, when we consider Moses it seems that he was greatly blessed
by Jehovah. Jehovah is recorded in the Bible as expressing how he
felt about Moses. God described Moses as the meekest man in all the earth. God approved Moses to the extent that Jehovah spoke to Moses directly. The Bible states that had Moses not existed God would have spoken through angels, prophets, and visions. However, it was the quality of humility which endeared Jehovah God to Moses such that Jehovah spoke to Moses and showed His Glory only to him. Subsequently, God chose Moses as leader of
His people, the nation of Israel. Moses led God's people from the bondage
of slavery to Pharoah, out of Egypt, to the Promised Land wherein Israel
was destined to receive great blessings from God's rulership.

If we are to tease out the essential qualities or ingredients which identify
these faithful people in the past as Godly, what could they be?
Let us consider what each Bible character displayed:

(1) Faith
(2) Love
(3) Devotion
(4) Complete obedience to God
(5) Deep appreciation for spiritual blessings
(6) Humility

Without the above-mentioned qualities it would be impossible
to please God well. Indeed, these are the essential ingredients necessary
to build a Christian personality. Centuries later, Jesus displayed the above
qualities perfectly which thereby enabled the salvation of Humankind. Such godly qualities are as important now as they were in ancient times. These personality traits formed the spiritual man. Without them, those
Bible characters could not have served God faithfully and receive
spiritual blessings.

If we were to consider an analogy. Bread, for example, has existed throughout the ages as a staple diet for mankind. Whilst today we may enjoy a variety of breads, there are still essential ingredients which must be incorporated when making a loaf of bread. Certain essential ingredients include, flour, water, yeast and salt. Without these ingredients, we would not be baking bread but some other food source. As we can see from this analogy, people may inherit different types of personality traits eg. shy, introverted, extroverted, quiet, placid and gregarious. However, certain core traits, which identify a true Christian, must be manifested. These traits or qualities are: faith, love, devotion, complete obedience to God, deep appreciation for spiritual blessings and humility. These personality qualities identify an individual as a spiritual person. Indeed these constitute the identifying mark of a true Christian. Jesus Christ is our role model as he displayed these qualities perfectly when he walked the earth. We do well to look to Jesus' example in living our life as true Christians, as His disciples. The above ingredients highlighted are essential if we are to be approved by Jehovah. Everything else would appear inconsequential without these essential ingredients of a Godly personality.